Mediation is a structured form of alternative dispute resolution in which a neutral mediator facilitates negotiations between disagreeing parties with the ultimate goal of reaching a settlement. Two of the partners in our firm, Paul Hibberd and Danny Kang, have received certification from the Kentucky Administrative Office of the Courts as mediators.

As mediators, we are trained in working with difficult situations. We use various techniques to open or improve dialogue between disputing parties and encourage them to “think outside the box” in searching for possible resolutions to what are often seen as unresolvable issues.

We recognize that disputing parties, especially in family law matters, have already been subjected to unexplainable delays by the time a decision is made to mediate. For that reason, we are committed to providing prompt available dates for mediation as a service to lawyers and their clients. In our office suite we have two (2) separate conference rooms to comfortably accommodate lawyers and their clients during the mediation process. If requested and more convenient to the parties and lawyers, we will conduct mediation outside of our offices at any other location which will allow a separation of the disputing parties for confidential discussions with the mediator. Let our respectful mediators help you resolve your case. Call today for a quick and convenient mediation date.